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Our Information Professionals/Specialists answer client questions using leading commercial sources such as Factiva, Dialog, Freedonia, Hoovers, OneSource and Alacra and various specialist databases.

  • One of our core lines of work is delivering business research services to a range of companies. Our clients span pretty much every sector and many countries.
  • Assignments range from quick ad hoc research requests, through regular projects that can be done part-time to full-time placements with clients.
  • We have an ongoing need for good and experienced information professionals to undertake this research, as well as sometimes manage small teams.
  • Pay depends on the type of assignment - its length, complexity, urgency etc. Standard tasks are usually completed for a fixed payment, which translates to around $30-$40 an hour, but other tasks are paid on an hourly rate up to $80 per hour for complex tasks requiring specialist skills and knowledge.
  • We look for business researchers that have at least three-years of experience of working as an information professional with a top flight organization (consulting company, leading bank or Fortune 500 company etc).
  • We require all information specialists to complete a rigorous test before starting work.
  • We prefer it if you have access to information databases, but we can arrange access to them as needed.

Read how these information specialists fit ClickNwork into their lives -  Fiona, Margareta, Anne, Marion and Michele.

Interested? Please register and submit your information for us to review.

What happens next? We review your submission and decide on whether we have opportunities for you, in which case we will test you on certain types of work. Once accepted we will start to allocate work to you and if things proceed well the work volume will grow.


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