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(Joined 2005)

Margareta, an experienced information professional, wanted to work from home to be near her child. For ClickNwork she completes a range of research assignments...


Background and experience: Begun my studies in Sweden (Philosophy and Political Science). Moved to the UK in 1996 and initially spent one year working in customer support for a German multi-level marketing firm. Later decided to do a Masters in Eastern European Politics and Literature at the UCL. I then worked a short while in recruitment, before joining Bloomberg, where I stayed for over four years. Mainly working in the Analytics department, I supported clients in the UK and Northern Europe through training, as well as getting involved with problem solving. I specialized in the bond market, portfolio maintenance and Bloomberg Trading Systems. Before going on maternity leave, I was deputy team leader.

What matters to me: Deciding to have a family I felt I no longer wanted to work ridiculously long hours, or for that matter spend a lot of time traveling. My main priority was to look after my child, but at the same time I wanted to work. Hence, doing a job from home was the ideal solution. It is flexible, saves in commuter costs and is a less stressful alternative to working in an office. (No need to take time off when the child is ill!!!)

Why I joined: Financial reasons and also mental stimulation, as being at home with a child can be very tedious at times! It also feels nice to work in your own environment, not having to carry out additional dull office tasks. I didn't quite know what to expect when I first joined, but have so far been pleasantly surprised of how well it all have worked out! The managers are very supportive, helpful and nice! There is none of the 'general' office pressure.


The work I do for them: Most of the work involves searching the Web and commercial databases (such as Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Profound...) to find market and company information used by others at ClickNwork (e.g. the writers and analysts) to prepare client reports. I also work on a number of client-specific tasks. Most of the work is on an ad hoc basis, which means very busy at times, and little work other times.

How ClickNwork works for me: One of my managers will contact me when there is work to be done, with the exact outline and details of the task involved and a deadline. Throughout the course of the work we will then communicate and discuss any potential difficulties, problems or strategy.

Input: This varies a lot and can be anything up to about 15-20 hours over a few days during very busy periods.

Benefits: Flexibility and generous payment. I found that ClickNwork pays a lot more than any other part-time work I would be able to do at this time in my career. The occasional very short notice is generally not a problem, as it doesn't happen all that often.

Room for improvement?: At times I would like a little bit more information to clarify the task. I know that sometimes the client is unclear or doesn't know from his/her side either, but as much information and clear instructions helps to save time and can avoid misunderstanding.

What's Next?: For me personally I hope to be able to stay with ClickNwork for some more years to come, as I don't have any nearby family who could assist with taking my child to and from school. As my boy starts school in a few years, I would like to get more involved, possibly having some regular work, as I will be able to dedicate more time.



I'm based near London, UK
The view from my home office
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