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(Joined 2005)


Fiona has been contracted by Business360 (ClickNwork's sister company) to work for one of the world's largest professional service companies. She has little day-to-day contact with ClickNwork, just using it for her invoices...

Background and experience: I had previously been the head of a management consulting information center, but left primarily because they relocated the office.

What matters to me: I wanted to return to work but stay close to my children.

Why I joined: I had no idea what type of work I would find that allowed me to be home for my kids, but I submitted my resume and hoped for the best.

The work I do for them: What was first going to be a short-term assignment has now turned into a steady flow of work with a great company (Ernst & Young). Most of what I do is researching companies, their executives and boards, in order to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley rules. I went into the Boston EY office for half a day of training, and since then the work has all been from home.

How ClickNwork works for me: Because I am contracted out, I use the ClickNWork site just for invoicing. I generate a weekly timesheet that I submit via email, this is turned into an online invoice which I then submit.

Input: I work pretty much full-time. I generally start at 6:00 with work that has been assigned to me the previous evening, then plan my day around the work load once the client staff get in.

Benefits: Aside from being better able to juggle family life by working from home, the lack of commute allows me to get more into a day. The connectivity with EY has worked out very well and I have only had a couple of technical issues that have been quickly resolved. Being on the company's IM and email systems allows me to feel part of the group, and since many people combine working from home with office work, location is never an issue.

What's Next?: I hope the current arrangement will continue.


I'm based near Boston, MA, USA
The view near my home office
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