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We are always on the lookout for good analysts (consultants, economists etc) that can assist in a range of assignments. These include undertaking various forms of market and financial analysis and preparing company profiles, market reviews and economic papers.

We often have a need for sector specialists, reflecting the diverse needs of our clients, and prefer those that are also good generalists and can competently turn their hand to varied assignments and understand business drivers in different industries.

  • Analyst assignments vary, some projects are one-off but we have a growing need good analysts that can pull together the output of researchers into professional and succinct reports.
  • We select analysts according to their experience (we look for those with track-records at top investment banks and consulting companies) and how well they perform in our tests. Where analysts manage teams we have a probationary period to ensure things run smoothly.
  • Pay depends on experience and the complexity of assignments and ranges from $25 to $150 per hour. We are willing to discuss alternative pay structures (e.g. fixed fee or commission-share).
Interested? Please register and submit your information for us to review.

What happens next? We review your submission and decide on whether your team looks promising, in which case we will test you on certain types of work. Once accepted we will start to allocate work to you and if things proceed well the work volume will grow.

Read about Harold's experience as an financial analyst and Phillipa's as a brand and marketing consultant.



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